10 Classic Office Pranks That Never Get Old

1. The Phony Phone Message

Find the number for your nearest zoo. Give your colleague a message to call and ask to speak with Mrs. C Lyon.

2. Suspect Signature

Change a colleague’s email signature to read “Lots of love and hugs, [Their Name].”

3. Noise Pollution

Hide a wireless doorbell in your colleague’s office/cubicle/desk. Keep ringing it.

4. New Folder

Make your colleague a new folder on his or her desktop. Label it for maximum embarrassment. “My Nudey Pics” works well.

5. The Coin Trick

Stick a coin to the floor in a busy area of your workplace. See how many people bend down to pick it up.

6. Remote Control

Get a wireless mouse with a tiny USB receiver and plug it into your colleague’s computer. Give the mouse a wiggle every now and then.

7. Heavy Handset

Find some double-sided sticky tape. Tape your colleague’s phone handset down to the base. Dial his number and watch as the entire phone lifts up when he answers.

8. Wrong Number

Collaborate with colleagues to phone your victim repeatedly asking for “Bill.” At the end of the day, get someone to call pretending to be Bill asking if there are any messages for him.

9. Sticky Pens

Super glue your colleague’s pens to her desk. It’s simple, but very effective.

10. Bieber Fever

Finally, why not “decorate” a colleague’s office/cubicle/desk with images of The Bieb? They’ll secretly love it.

Comment below some of your favorite office pranks!

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