5 Small Business Marketing Ideas for Fall

small business marketing ideas 2013So what if its the middle of Summer? Can’t you already feel the crisp autumn leaves crunching on the ground or visualize the beauty of the first snow fall? We’ll, if you haven’t yet, you should start! Just take a look in your latest newspapers advertisments. Businesses are already starting to advertise for “Back2School” and the Labor Day holiday which is next month. This is the time for you to begin to ramp up your marketing for the fall. If business has been light or slow for the Summer months, take advantage of the time you have now to create marketing collateral, develop your sales ideas for the last big hurrah for the year. Here are a few tips and ideas for marketing for the upcoming holiday season:

1. Say Thank You
Get your email lists in order! Take advantage of upcoming holidays to tell your clients and customers “Thank You” for their business. Be genuine and make sure your emails and cards STAND OUT. List a few accomplishments the company has achieved because of their support. This is a chance to not only show appreciation, but also to put your face in front of them to continue to nurture and foster your business relationship. This is where having a up to date email list is valuable. If you’re not collecting emails yet, what are you waiting for?

2. Holiday Events, Fundraisers or Open Houses
Take this opportunity to schedule a holiday celebration, party or event. Make sure you use Facebook and other social media to advertise and get the word out. Holidays are for socializing and getting together. Keep the primary purpose for the event social so people don’t feel like they are being marketed to. Make a brief mention about the services and products you provide and if people are interested they will buy or spread the word.

3. Don’t Stop A Major Holidays
Yea, everyone pays attention to the big ones, but consider taking advantage of the other smaller holidays as well. Remember September 8th is Grandparents Day, November we have Veteran’s Day and Black Friday. Remember October 14th is Columbus Day and the 16th is Boss’s Day. Here is a list of marketing holidays here to put on your marketing schedule.

4. Holiday Mobile Apps
If you’re a business that’s taking advantage of mobile applications, you’re already ahead of the competition. A large percentage of people are now searching on smart phones and tablets. Make sure your website is viewable on these devices, but also consider creating a fun mobile app for the holidays. Make sure that it is either something useful or funny like a game or map of industry related items. Think it costs millions to develop an app? Think again.

5. Forget it All and Take A Vacation!

Don’t wait for the last minute to get these marketing items in order and begin thinking about taking advantage of this high traffic driven season. This is the best time right now to begin to plan for making the most of the fall and winter months to make it the best end of quarter thus far! If you need help with marketing, consulting or creating attractive web content for your small business, please consider giving us a call to discuss your project! We’re happy to help!

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