Affordable E-Commerce Websites

Severity Design provides an affordable solution to e-commerce websites.

After doing some research on e-commerce trends, we found that global e-commerce sales will hit close to 1 trillion dollars this year. (1) To only do business out of a brick and morter store alone today just doesn’t make sense. Taking your business online will increase the market potential exponentially. No longer will you just have access to a 10 mile radius for business, but with your own e-commerce website you’ll have the potential to market nation-wide.

We can provide small scale e-commerce websites for our clients that include an inventory of between 10-20 products without charging an arm and a leg. This includes payment gateways, third party PayPal transactions and shipping/tax includes. Compare us to the other guys. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the quality and affordability Severity Design offers!

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