Digital Marketing Services Bundle

All Your Digital Marketing Services In One Simple Place

Set it and forget it! 

Who has time to finangle with a website builder? Why waste your valuable time setting up an autoresponder for email? (Who knows what an autoresponder or click funnel is anyway?) 

Severity Design is now offering all our services in one convenient place so you can use them when you need them – without the hassle. Not to mention, we would rather become a regular, trusted part of your team versus just offering products you don’t get actual value from. Ultimately impacting your bottom line.

Here is what you get:

• Social Media Management – Boost your online presence and reach new customers with our social media management service. (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
• Email Marketing Management – Engage your existing customer base by staying in touch with bi monthly email campaign service. 
• SEO Services – Get your website on 1st page Google through our fancy reoccurring SEO program.
• Dedicated marketing consultant at your finger tips. 
• Need to switch up your campaign? No problem, nothing is “out of scope” because there is no scope!
• Monthly reporting
• Value driven services versus project driven 

Only $99 to get started for your first month.
Only $495 per month afterwards. (A total value of $1000!) 

Sure it’s a different way for things to be done, but why not give us a try and see the value for yourself?

Fill out this simple contact form and someone from our team will contact you shortly. 

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