Help, My Web Designer is Not Responding

Have you ever been in a situation where your website is in trouble and the person or company that built your website is no where to be found? Unfortunately, this seems to be an all too common scenario for lots of small businesses. Not a month goes by where I don’t hear these “nightmare stories” about crashed or broken websites where the designer is MIA. There are a few reasons why things like this occur, but these are the most common reasons why this happens and a few humble suggestions on what to do when it does.

They Went Out Of Business

In most cases, your website designer is not responding because they are out of business. This is especially the case when you built your website over 5 years ago and it was done by a freelancer or a small start up business. In these situations, the freelancer has probably moved on to find full time employment because of financial reasons, or has even moved out of your local area. If it was a small web design shop that set up your website, it’s probably they might have gone out of business or have begun focusing their time and efforts on more lucrative areas of interest.

They Are Too Busy

Another reason why your website designer might not be responding is that they are too busy. Often times smaller web design companies get busy and simply cannot take on any more projects. Their design schedule might be to full capacity. In this case, your web designer should offer you the courtesy of responding either by email or phone call. It’s unfortunate these days when a web design firm becomes lazy or lack luster in their customer service once they’ve completed a project with a client. Good business is always about good relationships.

We’ve Got Answers!

Solution: When the web designer is gone or out of business, there isn’t much you can do except find a new web design company to work with. Before you bring them on, validate how long they have been in business. This could be a sign that they are sustainable and will be around when you need them.

Another suggestion would be to sign up for a monthly maintenance plan if the web design company offers it. This can help them become more dedicated to you as a permanent client and be there when you need them. Web design maintenance can include content updates, page additions, ad creation and security updates. This is essential when you consider the amount of money you’ve spent on creating your website. You want to make sure your website isn’t hacked or crashes because you weren’t able to update or maintain the site.

Severity Design offers monthly maintenance packages that won’t break your budget. This is a valuable service we provide for both current and non-design clients. We will keep your site updated and secure so that you can sleep at night knowing that a powerful asset, your website, is fresh and working for you to help sell your products and services. If you’re interested in finding out more information, please contact us to schedule a consultation phone call to discuss your needs.

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