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Now that you have that website up and running, now what? Should you upgrade with video, social media or SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Well, the fact that you even have a website up and running is half the battle and you’re already ahead of the game of 50% of small businesses out there that either don’t have a working website, or don’t believe they need one. Unfortunately, just having a website isn’t enough. You can compare your website to a billboard sign on the information highway. The only issue is that your billboard is stuck out in a cornfield somewhere in the country and isn’t being seen by users zooming past the interwebs.

In your personal experience, how often do you click past the first page of Google search results when looking for something? I might click to page 2, but certainly not much further than that. Towards the bottom of page 2 and 3 the search results start becoming less and less relevant for my search.

According to an article by, only 8.5% of all web traffic makes it past the first page. That means that 91.5% of all search users click on results on the first page of Google.

This statistic points out the importance of not just having a website out in the middle of a corn-field, but making sure your website is optomized as best as possible to be placed in front of search users on the information highway. Here are the three things SEO can do to boost your business from a online marketing standpoint:

  1. Ranking.
    Ranking refers to the position your website pages are returning when a prospect searches Google for your particular goods and services. Ranking doesn’t count for typing in your business name directly in Google Search. Unless someone is already familiar with your business and looking for you directly, they will use relevant keywords instead. Ranking will dictate whether your are on 1st page or 50th page. SEO is used to improve your ranking.
  2. Traffic
    Increased rankings will result in increased traffic to your website. Many times, businesses don’t even know what their traffic results look like on a daily, or monthly basis because they have no analytics set up to measure these results. Traffic should be something that is monitored so you can make data driven decisions where to optimize your website and what might not be working so well. If there are dips in website traffic for unexplained reasons, you are going to want to know about it because each of those visits can be potential prospects.
  3. Conversions
    Increased traffic will naturally result in increased conversions. This is of course assuming that the visitors coming to your site are actually looking for the products or services you provide. Irrelevant visitors are not going to contact you to do business. A conversion can count as many things. It can be a phone call, a contact form completion, a download or even a video view. These are actions that you definitely want to track when you have people coming to your website. SEO is all about return on your investment. For every dollar you spend, you want to know how many contacts you are getting from the cost of acquisition from that customer.Not everyone is convinced SEO is the best option for their marketing, but if you are a growing business that has a website, why not make that website work for you? It certainly isn’t working as it should by sitting out in the “marketing cornfield” hoping that someone will find you and contact you to do business. We have affordable SEO programs that will help increase your ranking, traffic and conversions over a 6 month period of time. Contact us today to discuss your project!

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