Websites Between 800-1200 Dollars

I figured I’d write a blog post on pricing for those of you who might be in the market for a new website, but have no idea what it costs to hire someone to create one. I get asked the question all the time, “How much for a website?”. Here is how I explain the pricing structure for most website designers or agencies you might work with:

Free-500: This is usually your cousin or friend of the family. They have no formal education in design or building websites for that matter. They do this as a hobby and usually will utilize some type of WYSIWYG editor or hosting website builder. Your template will be generic, but you’re saving a few hundred bucks. Don’t expect to get top notch service from these people. They will not be around when you need them, and most likely will take a year to develop your website.

800-1200: This is the price range Severity Design falls into. We like to keep things affordable, fast and easy for our clients. We utilize easy to use content management systems like WordPress, Joomla or others to allow for fast and easy custom websites within a 3-4 day turn around time. Is your website built original from the ground up? Heck no! This would take hours of planning and development time, which you probably can’t afford. This is the next best option. Your site will look professional, clean and attractive, not to mention a step up in customer service.

3000-5000: This is the cost most professional firms or agencies might charge. These are the guys that probably put forth a fully custom design from scratch. Usually, instead of 3-4 days this might take 3-4 weeks and requires a lot more upfront planning and thought put into it. Be careful though, some firms CLAIM your design is from scratch and charge you this amount, but its not. They are using a template and charging you an arm and leg for small time work. You might be able to get away with a more dynamic website, but you get what you pay for.

5-10,000: Either you’re doing a custom e-commerce website here, or your just being ripped off. No one needs to pay 10,000 for a small business website these days.

I hope you don’t mind my straight-forward talk, but this is pretty much how it is folks. No more guessing how much to design a website. Do you have a small business or dream website you’d like to get started on? Contact us today for find out what we can do for you?

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Russell is the founder and owner of Severity Design. Severity Design is a digital marketing studio located in Elgin, Illinois, a Northwest Suburb of Chicago. We help small businesses get the word out and gain attention.
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