What Google+ Means For Your Business

I have to admit, I’ve been a naysayer for Google+ for a while. As of today the user statistics for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are as follows: Facebook has 1.11 billion users, Twitter 500 million total users, and Google+ has 343 million active users. Facebook is still in the lead where over 1 billion users are sitting. However, Google+ has major advantages that small businesses need to consider. Here are a couple of them you need to consider factoring in your decision on whether to spend time on Google+:

1. Google obviously owns search rankings.
This reason alone is enough for you to at least set up a full Google+ profile. Google will obviously play favorites to businesses and individuals that use its own social media platform above the rest. Google+ works powerfully on Google and has given their +1 button a big advantage when it comes to their own ranking factors. Keep in mind Google owns Youtube as well.

2. Google Places/Google+ Local
You know when you pull up that map on your cell phone when your out with the fam looking for some pizza? Yea, you. Well, the businesses that come up under the Google maps search listing are businesses that have filled out and claimed their Google places page. Give customers the right information about your business by updating your contact information, hours and more. I’m pretty sure you’ll need a Google+ account to set this up.

3. Google Hangouts
Google hangouts are a neat way for you to hold video conference calls. You can also stream your hangout session to your website, youtube or Google+ page. If and POTUS Barack Obama have hosted Google Hangouts, I think its time you did too. Participants faces will be displayed via their webcams below the presenter’s main screen – and participants can “take the floor” also. You can:

– Hold a workshop
– Give presentations
– Conduct a team meeting and more.

4. Last but not least, Greater audience engagement: I find people are more interested and engaged in the sharing and conversations that go on within Google+. There is also more substance in the comments as compared to other social media tools. Google’s “+1” button (“plus one”) gives you similar functionality to Facebook’s “Like” button. It lets people recommend your content on Google Search and share it on Google+. You should add a +1 to your pages to help your site stand out.

All this to say that even just setting up your Google+ account is worth the benefits mentioned. To get the full usage out of the Google+ page, consider hiring us to set up, customize and brand your account. We do social media set up, customization and management for you so you can focus on the more important parts of your business.
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