Russell has helped Dog’s Paw Brewing tremendously with web design for our business, marketing consultation, and website maintenance. We get quick results, honest advice, and can trust confidential information with Russell. We HIGHLY recommend him to anyone.

Iran Garcia, Owner Dog's Paw Brewing

For many businesses, they simply need to be pointed in the right direction. Russell provides insight on an hourly basis for the entrepreneur, business owner or sales team that needs help navigating through the digital marketing maze. Businesses come to Russell when then need help crafting their brand message, understanding how to use social media effectively or taking their business through transition. Here are 3 various ways you can work with me:

Social Media Management and Coaching

Social media is one of those necessary evils for businesses. While it may not drive the short term, it is, long term, part of building brand awareness and reputation management. As a business, you simply cannot afford to not be present on social media…especially if people are taking about you negatively. 

Russell has managed up to 12 social media accounts for a variety of industries including retail shops, food retailers, manufacturing companies, landscapers, contractors and non-profit organizations. Bring Russell in to speak to your in-house social media team, customer service team or sales team to learn how to utilize social media effectively to prospect, advertise or expand your reach.


Russell can speak on a variety of subjects that are both inspirational and technical. As an entrepreneur, Russell shares engaging, colorful stories from his experience in launching his own businesses. He generously shares practical insight to help businesses grow and succeed. He has hosted the following workshops in the past:

• Instagram For Business
• Think Like An Entrepreneur
• Take a Bite Out Of Your Competition
• Developing Your WordPress Website From Scratch
• Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan


Individual Coaching

Russell often meets one on one with business owners and entrepreneurs who are either in their business or thinking of starting a business. His style is bold, straight forward and provides valuable insight to take their business to the next level. Typically his session are a 2 hour minimum to really get a feel for the current condition of your business and map out where you want to go. Russell helps businesses fill in the gap in between. Instead of telling you what to do, Russell will ask the right questions to get you to become self-aware of what you already have untapped deep inside you as a business owner.